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Hi I’m Marie Fiorin!

Former fashion stylist + TV and radio personality

I was born in Paris, I am half French / half Italian and I grew up on the French Riviera. Travelled quite a bit for work and lived 6 years in Milan, Italy & 2 years in Athens, Greece. I now live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and you can find out more about my professional journey with the timeline below ūüėČ

Marilicious first came to life as my nickname back in Milan, Italy. When Fergie’s song “Fergalicious” came out, all my friends spontaneously started singing “Marilicious” to me instead of “Fergalicious” and it stuck.

She became my alter ego. My Sasha Fierce. My Erika Jayne. My strength when I was going through tough situations. My light in the darkness. And now I am sharing her with you. Let her guide you to deliciousness.

ABOUT MARILICIOUS is a shopping, fashion and beauty guide, dedicated to making your life delicious.

A lifestyle blog + a shopping search engine

Get access to tens of thousands of products from one convenient website, while getting my skincare tips, outfit of the day ideas, product reviews and videos, because sharing is caring.

I created to share everything I have learned and experienced in the fashion and media industries, and this website is dedicated to you, and to your beauty, as I strongly believe that once we feel good in our own skin, life blossoms deliciously.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

With style,

x M


Degree in Economics, Nice University, France.


Assistant to Press Officer, Vivienne Westwood in Milan, Italy.

Then started my career as a Fashion Stylist Freelance in Milan, Italy.


Shoe buyer for Yoox in Bologna and Milan, Italy.

Resigned as Fashion TV called. I worked with them 2 seasons as a producer and host in Milan, Italy.


Moved to Athens, Greece. Worked as a fashion and beauty contributor for Insider Magazine while taking Marilicious off the ground. Marilicious went from a fashion blog to an online fashion outlet. It failed. I re-evaluated. It didn’t stop me.

Became a certified Law of Attraction coach.

Kept styling clients until 2016.

And Marilicious came back to life as you see her now, as delicious as ever.


Moved to Los Angeles, California. Meant to be.


Master in Economics, Nice University, France in partnership with Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Model dresser, GianFranco Ferre’ in Milan, Italy. Started at the bottom.

Then became a sales assistant, Panorama Moda Ungaro in Milan, Italy.


MA, Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management, SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy.


Then went back to fashion styling, although I had never really stopped and was still styling clients in between all of the above…


Moved back to Nice, France.

Started working with Radio Monaco as an on air correspondent and then host, talking everything luxury, fashion and beauty. Worked with them until 2018.


Moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Because why not.



business @ marilicious . com