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Hello lovies! Thought I’d share with you my first Monday in LA 😉 Started with a much needed kickboxing class at Box Union, which you’ve probably seen in my stories (you can follow me on IG here) and then followed a really cool afternoon with a photo shoot for the LA based clothing brand Lotte 99 (you can follow them here) it was so much fun to be back on set! I’ve been to another photo shoot on Wednesday so I’ll share that too in another post. Although I won’t go back to styling professionally, (FYI I’ve been a fashion stylist for 10 years in Milan, Paris and Monaco) I love the energy of being on set so much and it is really cool to be back in the game and to discover new brands as I am myself discovering LA. I was there as my friend Kerry (you can follow her here) was doing the makeup, and photo shoots can get crazy quickly so extra help is always welcomed hihi.

Very grateful to have been a part of this, here are some pics! Hope you enjoy!

And my jeans are available here by the way.

And yours truly @marilicious_com 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by, sending you lots of Love.

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