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Hello lovies! Last week I had the great pleasure of attending the launch party for Laura Geller’s new “Filter First” foundation down in Miami. It was such a lovely “Brunch & Bubbles” event and I am very grateful to have been invited. The Laura Geller team is so sweet (in the pics below I am with Ashlee Glazer, Artistic Director for Laura Geller) and they had organized the launch at the restaurant “Planta”, a vegan restaurant, perfect to celebrate the launch of this vegan foundation 😉

What really resonates with me when it comes to the Laura Geller New York makeup brand (on top of the fact that their ingredient list is clean of nasties) is that Laura Geller, the makeup artist and founder of the brand, creates makeup with the objective of reproducing what she’s been experiencing for decades while on set on photoshoots or behind the scenes on Broadway. She is creating makeup products that mimic the effect of professional lighting and I absolutely love that, hence the name of this new foundation “Filter First”. Before doing the blogging and the radio thing I was a fashion stylist. I have been one for 10 years in Milan, Paris and Monaco and when I meet people that work on set, that know what it’s like to work behind the scenes I just love it and it speaks to me. So thank you Laura for sharing your knowledge and packing it in makeup goodies that are ready to be used for us non makeup artists!

“Filter First” Foundation, my review:

I had initially planned to post this review last week yet I felt I needed more time to play with the foundation in order to give you my honest lived-in review, instead of just a “oh wow the event was amazing you should try this foundation”, that’s not my style. I am here to give you my unbiased opinion on products, otherwise what’s the effing point.

When it comes to foundations, I have tried many. Yet lately they were not sitting right on my skin, they look nice when first applied but then it goes south one way or another. As you know I am a pain in the ass when it comes to skin, I want nothing less than flawless. I want coverage but I still want it to look like I am not wearing foundation. I want to see skin, beautiful flawless skin. The foundation I have been in love with for years is the MAC Face & Body, I absolutely adore it. But it can become somewhat boring to always wear the same foundation, makeup is supposed to be fun so I was quite excited to try on this new one, especially after meeting with the Laura Geller team and learning the story behind the brand.

The “Filter First” foundation is described by the brand as a luminous foundation that basically will filter your skin without the help of snapchat. Sign me in.

I have tried it in the worst possible conditions. The first time I was out and about all day in the lovely 98% humidity and heat of South Florida in the middle of August, and if that wasn’t enough I had added rose hip oil to my cream in the am because my skin needed some more oomph and moisture. Not ideal before wearing makeup but to my pleasant surprise the foundation held up. No patches, no greasiness, I was sold.

Tried it on a few more times after that with only my regular face cream and the finish stayed flawless. I am impressed. And I also tried it without finishing powder. My new thing I’m trying now is to only spray with the NYX matte finishing spray instead of powdering, and it comes out great. Makeup and foundation stay put.

Will I keep on using the “Filter First foundation by Laura Geller? Absolutely yes!

Will it dethrone my MAC Face & Body for everyday? Not just yet and here’s why. I am not wearing lots of makeup lately. I keep it really simple and although the “Filter First” has a really natural finish where you can still see skin, it is thicker than the MAC Face & Body and so I will keep it for the days (or nights) I am going for a full face.  Yet again, testing this foundation has sparked my desire to play with makeup again so I actually might use this foundation more and more. The finish is really so incredible. Below are some swatches. The 2 lighter colors (Porcelaine and Buff) are for my real skin and the darker shade (medium) for when I fake tan. Tried them all 3 and they blend beautifully with my skin color. I also popped the 2 shades I use with MAC to give you a comparison.

The one thing that could be a bit deceiving is that this foundation “only” comes in 12 shades and now we are used to brands offering a much wider variety of shades. Yet we were probably 25 bloggers and influencers attending the event and we all had really different complexions with different skin colors and every single one of us got color matched within the 12 shade range, so my guess is that everyone out there could find a color that works.

Application and concealer:

The “Filter First” range is also complete of a concealer. I love the texture, it’s very nourishing and brightening, perfect for the under eye. You can also use the darker shades to contour, and I’m gonna need to put my hands on a darker shade cause silly me I only took the brightening ones… I apply the concealer with its sponge applicator and then blend it with a beauty blender.

As for the foundation I apply it with my hands and then blend it with a beauty blender. But as with every foundation, use your fingers or whatever brush you like depending on your preference. The coverage is very easily buildable while keeping the skin shine though which I love.

For which skin type:

I would say for all skin types. I have a dehydrated combination skin and the foundation blends nicely with my skin.

For whom?

You will love this foundation if you are looking for great coverage with a natural luminous finish. Very easy to apply, no need to be an experimented makeup artist, it’s fool proofed. Blends really well and stays put.

This Laura Geller foundation retails at $38 for 1 oz and is available here, here and here. The “Filter First” concealer retails at $24 and is available here, here, here and here.

Other must try makeup goodies by Laura Geller: (they’re famous for their “Gilded Honey” highlighter available here)

What I wore (and the dress is $30, 50% off on the website here!!!):

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this review of the new Laura Geller foundation “Filter First” was helpful should you be on the look out for a new foundation with a great coverage and luminous finish!

Lots of love always.

With style,

x M

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