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This product basically makes me feel like a 20 year old. I approve.

Want young and dewy skin? Keep reading.

What is Face Gloss by Milk?

It’s a clear gloss but for your face. Meaning that you can use it on your cheek bones, your eyelids, your brows, your lips. Everywhere you want some glossy shine.

The beautiful thing is that it’s not sticky as a gloss can be. Love to use it on my cheekbones for a nice young fresh dewy feel. Usually do that when my hair is up though cause even if it’s not sticky, I can’t stand it when hair gets caught up on my cheeks.

As for using it on the eyelids, it is very pretty but it will end up in the crease. That’s unfortunate but it is quite a given with that kind of makeup product. Nevertheless, I still use it but knowing that I’ll have to blend my crease throughout the day or night. My recommendation is to go for brows and brow bone, gives a shine and stays put in those areas.

I truly love how it looks on the skin, gives some oumph and highlighter without being too overbearing. Very natural.

For which skin types?

Face Gloss by Milk is for every skin type, it is obviously marketed towards a younger audience yet everyone can get away with it as long as you avoid areas with fine lines or wrinkles.

Ideal for a no-makeup makeup look.

Face Gloss by Milk is available here, here and here.

Comes in 2 sizes, would recommend trying it out in the smaller format first. A little goes a long way anyway! Costs $20.

The beauty of the brand Milk is that it’s a paraben-free eco-conscious makeup brand that has said buh-bye to the nasties, so on top of no parabens, products are formulated without sulfates nor phthalates.

Keep me posted should you give it a try! @marilicious_com

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