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I have been very fortunate to live in Palma de Mallorca for 3 months ; Justin had a work project over there so we packed our suitcases and Jacquie (our boo-boo frenchie) and off we went. It was my second time on the island, and while it wasn’t love at first sight, Palma de Mallorca grew on me so so much. I very much enjoyed my time there, going to the market every other day, walking everywhere, going on hikes, and truly enjoying the Spanish lifestyle with siestas and happy hours. I basically ate and drank like everyday was my last day on earth, gained weight but who cares, now I’m back in Florida, juicing, working out, and looking forward to being a skinny bitch again one day soon.

What did we do and see in Palma de Mallorca?

Here are pictures and recommendations of places to see and explore 🙂


I highly recommend the village of Valldemossa, it’s the cutest village, lovely shops and rose gardens. Frederic Chopin has lived there and there is a museum dedicated to him.

We enjoyed going there for brunch, it’s about 45 min NW of Palma.

La Granja

Massive property turned museum that used to be a monastery and that has used the power of water to be totally self sufficient. We fed the goats and had a blast visiting it.

Castel de Bellver

Castles in Spain? Anyone? This one is in Palma and the view from up top is absolutely magnificent. More pics here.

The Dragon Caves

This visit was such a beautiful experience. Summer is coming and so is the Mother of Dragons. More info on it here.


We did the hike of all hikes in Cala de Deia, we got lost, did 3 hikes in one but we had the best time, more on this crazy adventure here.

Beaches in Cala Romantica

A vacation paradise. Must go.

Dining in Santa Catalina

As I previously mentioned in my fashion styling hacks to hide a belly (here), I gained weight while in Palma de Mallorca. I ate, I drank and I ate again. My top picks to wine and dine in Santa Catalina (very cool neighborhood of Palma) are:

  • Primo Tacos for delicious tacos, the owners are froggies and they rock
  • Casa Rosita for proper homemade Italian. Lovely lovely lovely
  • Isaan for tip top Thai food
  • A Casa Mia, another proper homemade Italian food, but different from Casa Rosita. Perfect blend
  • Duke, love the vibe of this restaurant. Think healthy yummy trendy surfer place
  • And of course drinks on the roof top terrace of Bar Cuba. Stunning view, do it for the ‘gram 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by, have fun in Palma de Mallorca should you visit there sometime. Love you lots.

With style,

x M

Palma de Mallorca Travel Blog /


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