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Good morning lovies! It’s been a while that I’ve been wanting to write a blog post on meditation, lots of people asked me about it and so here it is!

There’s a hype around meditation these days, which I think is fantastic, as I truly believe that meditating 15 minutes a day can have a massive and positive impact on our lives.

Meditation is not what you think.

The purpose of meditation

Meditation is not about not thinking about anything at all. Meditation is about quieting our minds. Life is crazy and we need a little bit of time for ourselves to stop the frenzy and the constant flow of info we’re are bombarded with on a daily basis. We have lost our connection with who we truly are and we need that quiet time to reconnect with Mother Nature, the Universe, Source Energy, God, or whatever you wish to call it. We are all made of energy and meditation is about re-centering ourselves and taking control of our life instead of living by default according to what the world throws at us. Should you want to take charge of your life, I strongly suggest a daily meditation practice.


Meditation is very talked about when you wish to manifest something in your life, may it be money, relationships, health, career… The way meditation helps getting what you want is that while you’re quieting your mind, thoughts that go against what you want to manifest slow down. I hear you saying while you’re reading this, oh but I don’t have thoughts against winning a million dollars. Well my friend, if you didn’t have thoughts that were going against what you wanted to be, do or have, you would already be, do or have it. Period, it is law.

Heard about the Law of Attraction? Well it’s simple, it’s not some foo-foo-la-la witch new age crap, it’s a Universal Law and like the Law of Gravity it works and does its thing all the freaking time. We don’t make it happen, it just is, yet we can use it at our advantage in order to create the life we want. Science has explained it through Quantum Physics and String Theory (yes I’m a total nerd when it comes to these things!).

The way Law of Attraction works is following the principle that like attracts like. What vibrates at the same energy level will attract more of those things that vibrate at the same exact level. We, and everything around us, are made of tiny particules, you’ve heard about protons and all. Let’s not go too deep on this otherwise this blog post will turn into a book but basically at the heart of everything are teeny tiny strings that vibrate according to the energy they are surrounded with. Have you ever noticed that when you are joyful, you attract other people that are joyful and wanna have fun? And that when you’re in a bad mood everything starts going all wrong around you, you spill your coffee on your brand new dress and then it keeps on going and your day sucks? Well that’s the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. So in order to take control and manifest what we want, we have to vibrate happy. Or at least not vibrate sad. Which is where meditation helps cause it stops the momentum of the bad thoughts so we can start fresh.

Calming me down

Meditation to me is very important cause it calms me down and helps me put things into perspective. I used to be quite impulsive and it never turned out to play in my favor. With meditation, I’m now able to see things through a different angle, distance myself from it and then solve the issue peacefully. I get overwhelmed quite easily so meditating helps me re-focus and it gets me going without losing my mind.

I do have my crazy moments, life would be boring without them (haha) yet it is nothing like what it would be if I were not meditating. We all need to stop and breathe, otherwise life goes by a thousand miles an hour and we loose control.

How to meditate

3 easy ways:

Sit on a chair or arm chair, put your phone on flight mode, set a timer for 15 minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. The focusing on your breathing part is the trickiest. When you first start meditating, your mind is gonna go nuts and you’re gonna be overflowed with thoughts. It’s totally normal so give yourself a break. Your only job is to focus on your breath going in and out. Or you can count, or focus on the sound of the AC going in the room. The purpose of meditation is for you not to think about the bills you have to pay and don’t have the money for, the guy you like that is not texting you back or whatever is troubling you. If your mind is counting your breath, it is busy with that and you can get a rest. The thing is, with the Law of Attraction, the more you think about something, the more it’s gonna happen. So we gotta stop thinking about it if we don’t want it to happen.

Another way is to do some guided meditation. Which is very helpful, especially in the beginning of a mediation practice because while you’re listening to the voice in the guided meditation, you don’t think about something else. They are loads on Youtube. My favorites are by Abraham Hicks or Louise Hay (RIP I love you and thank you for all the good you’ve done in the world). Deepak Chopra and Oprah also have an app together where they do mediation challenges, it’s quite good.

Another trick, which really helps me stay focused, is to sit down and look at a candle. I know it sounds weird but who cares. Same thing as with the other ways, set a timer for 15 minutes. light a candle and focus on the flame. It does wonders.

Here you go my darlings, I hope this post with my meditation benefits was helpful and that you learned a thing or two. Thank you for stopping by and tell me in the comments below if you meditate and what your techniques are!

With style,

x M

Meditation Benefits /


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