Hiking in Mallorca

Hiking in Mallorca /

As I mentioned in a previous post on what I like to wear on hikes (here) I love hiking and being in Mallorca for a couple of months is a blast as the island has so many good spots for hikes to offer. So off we went, I had found a cutsie little one and a half hours hike to go on to and life was good. Of course it didn’t go as planned lol and we ended up mixing and matching hikes, doing 2 hikes in one, walking for 4 hours straight in what turned out to be a proper hard core climbing hike. But so much fun. I absolutely loved it. Did have a couple moments where I would have loved to be picked up on the back of a magical unicorn to take me to the nearest bar and shower. Yet I cherish this hike and it is one of my favorite Mallorca memories. So it is my great pleasure to share with you some pics of this hike in Mallorca adventure!

What I’m wearing:


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