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You know how much I love skincare and serums are a very important of a good skincare routine. This is where you should spend most of your skincare budget. Why? Because serums go deeper in the skin tissues and can better target issues such as lack of radiance, discoloration, dehydration, lack of firmness and of course aging.

Advanced Night Repair

You probably already know of ANR, it’s super duper famous and won lots of awards, it’s one of my top favorites especially since Estee Lauder reformulated it without silicones (yippee!). The cool thing about the serum is that it is multi-use, you can use it as a first serum and layer another one on top of it, perfect am and pm, good for all skin types and ages. It is a powerhouse and repair the cells, more on that in this post 😉

Double Serum

Another serum that is so so good. It is plant based, hence the price (plant extracts are labor intensive therefore are costly ingredients) but a little goes a long way and the cool thing with this serum is that it is like a super serum, healing your skin whatever its issue. It is going to target the problem (dehydration, lines, excess sebum…) and solves it. Full review of this goodie here.

Lift & Luminate No7

Very good value for money especially if you’re looking for firmness. Love the texture, comes in a tube, very convenient, goes on beautifully and my skin feels tighter when I use it. Full review here.

All 3 serums are lovely underneath creams and makeup. They’re not heavy yet they are powerful and do the job!

What I your favorite serums? Please share so I can give them a try 😉

Meanwhile, thank you for stopping by, I hope the post with my top 3 favorite serums was helpful.

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