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Light Moisturizers Summer /

I have a combination skin that tends to break out so I’m always on the look out for that perfect moisturizer that will moisturize my skin without leaving it feeling oily nor clogging my pores. Here are my top 4 of the moment, and they won’t break the bank, which is always a bonus 😉

Caudalie Premieres Vendanges

The heaviest of them all yet doesn’t leave the skin oily nor greasy. Perfect should you like a creamier texture while keeping it light weight.

$35 for 1.35 oz / 40 ml available here and here

Belif Milky Moisturizer Hydra Balancing

My favorite one. Love the packaging, amazing value for money. No nasties and does the job. A winner.

$38 for 22 oz / 125 ml available here

Novexpert Fluide Douceur Hydrobiotique

Love the texture and it contains probiotics that help get rid of acne causing bacteria. Cha ching.

Currently unavailable in the US, only their anti-aging range is. Arghhhh. You can check it here though.

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Gel Cream

This is a top favorite but I don’t like that it comes in a jar… Ideal should you like a fresh gel texture. Perfect in summer. Plus the key ingredients are ceramidines, which I’m talking more about below.

$45 for 3 oz / 90 ml

There unfortunately seem to be a shortage of this product at the moment although it is still listed on the Dr Jart+ website. Check here for when it shall be back in stock… This sucks.

A moisturizer’s objective is to seal moisture into your skin and to make sure that all the treatments and/or serums you have applied prior will keep your skin hydrated. It locks everything into place.

Hydration is about binding water into the skin with humectant ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, collagen. FYI, hyaluronic acid can hold a 1000 times its weight in water, we like.

Moisturizing is about keeping that water in the skin with emollient ingredients such as ceramidin and vegetable oils that are going to seal the deal and smooth the skin’s surface. Buh bye flaky skin. Silicones are also emollient ingredients yet they tend to block pores and cause breakouts. Check this post where I mention the ingredient to avoid should you suffer from breakouts.

Ceramides help create a really healthy skin barrier that works 2 ways, it prevents water loss, so no water gets out, while keeping pollution or external nasties to get in. Water stays in, nasties stay out. The ideal cream for that is Ceramidin by Dr Jart+.

You can check my thorough reviews on each and every one of those light moisturizers:

  • Caudalie Premieres Vendanges here
  • Belif Milky Moisturizer Hydra Balancing here
  • Novexpert Fluide Douceur Hydrobiotique here
  • Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Gel Cream here

I am currently using the Belif one every morning on top of Clarins Double Serum (review of this one here) and my skin feels great even with the current hot and humid Summer season.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you found this post useful and that you learned a thing or two. Please keep me posted in the comments below should you have any light moisturizers to recommend me!

With style,

x M

Light Moisturizers Summer /


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