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Dresses to hide belly /

As I’ve shared yesterday on Instagram, I’ve gained weight. Haven’t worked out since we’ve been in Europe and I’ve basically been eating and drinking like everyday is my last day on planet earth… Result, I’m about to explode and most of my clothes feel very, very, very tights. I am back on track now as far as eating and drinking is concerned, pulling myself back together and thankfully I have dresses that hide my lovely belly. As a former professional fashion stylist I know how to play with fashion to make magic happen and the magic to hide bellies, food babies and baby pumps definitely lies in the skater dress.

It is fitted at the top, shows off the boobies but hide the belly. Me likey.

The skater dress shape is very flattering whatever your body type, it is comfy yet girly and here are below some of favorite skater dresses of the moment! (The dress I wear in the pics is by H&M from ages ago, unfortunately not available anymore…)

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you found this post useful and that this little skater dress tip will make you feel pretty and sexy whatever your waist size! You’re beautiful!

With style,

x M


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