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Following the path to healthiness that I have embarked on, focusing on a plant-based diet, here’s my new daily thing: mega doses of vitamins.

While watching the so many food documentaries that we are watching with Justin, came around “That vitamin movie”, highly recommend, that talks about the importance of supplements.

Wasn’t a big fan of supplements cause in my little mind, you should get what you need from food, hence the plant-based diet, and supplements aren’t that absorbed by the body anyway so why waste money on something that is going to end in the toilet…

BUT, after binge watching all those documentaries and getting more and more informed about the food we eat, I came to the realization that plants, how amazing they are, are unfortunately not enough to give us all that we need. Here’s the thing, it was the case back in the days but now the soils are overproduced and are lacking in nutrients. Soils are not as rich as they used to be and can’t therefore give nutrients they don’t have to the plants. Bummer.

That’s where vitamins and supplements come into play. My goal is to be as healthy as possible, provide my body with everything it needs to do its job and function properly, while keeping those cells of mine as young AF as can be. Biohacking 101 here we go.


Vitamin C

If there was only one vitamin to take daily, it would be vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a co-factor, meaning it is an essential part in building protein blocks that the metabolism needs to function and make skin cells, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. Without vitamin C, the chain is broken and the body can’t function as it should. It’s a fundamental building block with anti-oxidant powers that also boosts the immune system. We need it and I take high doses of it, 5000 mg a day of vitamin C is a powder form. Not to take all at once but to be split during the day as vitamin C is water soluble and what the body doesn’t need immediately, will be peed out.

Vitamin C also has lots of benefits in “treating” cancer cells. A cancerous cell is a cell that has gone cray-cray and doesn’t know how to function properly anymore. It loves sugar, feeds on sugar and prosper on sugar. Because the structure of vitamin C is actually close to then of sugar, cancerous cell let it in, which allows treatment.


Zinc is as well a major co-factor, especially for collagen production, and is mostly beneficial to skin cells and immune system. Should you suffer from acne or rashes, you could consider adding zinc to your diet. Prefer chelated zinc as it is its most bioavailable form, meaning most absorbable form.

Amino acids

There are 2 sorts of amino acids, essentials and non-essentials. Essentials amino acids cannot be synthesized (meaning made/created) by the body and thus need to be provided by the diet. Non essential amino acids are made by the body and are therefore non essential to the diet. Yet, there are fundamental in the creating of protein blocks and so forth for the body to function well. We sometimes have deficiencies which result in those non essential amino acids not to be synthesized by the body as they should, hence the need for supplements.

Vitamin D3

This is the “sun vitamin”, very important for bone health and structure, and calcium and magnesium regulation. Best taken in liquid form.

Vitamin E

Major vitamin for skin health and anti-aging ion general as its anti-oxidant powers are the bomb and very well known. Best taken in liquid form.

Olive leaf extract

Same as vitamin E in terms of anti-oxidant properties, together with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Keeps the gut healthy and helps with the cardio-vascular system. Was used in Ancient Egypt, an oldie but a goodie 🙂

Vitamin B12

This is the vitamin that truly gives me a boost. I feel so much more energized and focused when I take it. Vitamin B12 makes sure bloods cells are happy and healthy which contributes to better brain function. Great should you need a boost. Best taken in liquid form in a complex of vitamin Bs.


Best protein source is the whole wide world. This algae is incredible, provides you with so much goodness, anti-oxidants, vitamin A, K, iron and copper. It is a super food and if I had to choose only 2 things to take daily it would be vitamin C and spirulina. The down side of it, is that it tastes really bad so prefer tabs. Tried the powder in smoothies and I just can’t…

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this post of the vitamins I take daily and why I take them was helpful and that you’ve learned a thing or two 😉

With style,

x M


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, these opinions are my own, please consult your physicist 😉

Vitamins Explained /


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