Why I brush my teeth with the opposite hand

Brushing teeth with opposite hand /

I have recently learnt that brushing your teeth with the opposite hand can be very stimulating for the brain and create new neuron connections.  That sounds quite interesting and decided to give it a go and to share it with you guys. While I don’t feel my IQ has drastically increased just yet, here’s the science behind this fact…

Brain workout

We already familiar with the fact that the brain needs training the same way our body does. And using your opposite hand to do things such as brushing your teeth actually strengthen neural connections, and even create new ones. Je like.

The deal

The deal is to use our non-dominant hand, while at first you might feel you’re not as precise as with your dominant hand, as with everything, the more you do it the more it becomes and feels “normal”. Meaning that the brain has adapted to this new and unnatural  gesture, aka new connections have been created, jackpot.

A creativity boost

The right hemisphere of the brain is linked to creativity. Experts say that using the “wrong” hand stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, instead of stimulating only our dominant hemisphere, which is what happens when we use our dominant hand. And this applies wether your dominant hand is the right or the left one.

Studies have shown that being able to use either hand to perform one task, as simple as brushing our teeth, makes us more spontaneous and creative, while reducing our inhibitions.

Morality of the story

My guess is that it is nice to switch things around once in a while, whatever the aspect of our lives, new paths get discovered and created. I am actually enjoying brushing my teeth with my left hand, and if something as easy and simple as that can help my brain stay alert and make me more creative, I am down, count me in!

Are you ready for the challenge?

Can also be applied to using the remote control or your phone with the opposite hand…

Thank you for stopping, I hope this post on why I brush my teeth with my opposite hand was helpful and that you have learned a thing or two 😉

With style,

x M

Brushing teeth with opposite hand /


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