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Ever since I suffered a major allergic reaction that sent me to the ER with a red swollen face, I am extremely picky on what ingredients go onto my skin.

The allergic reaction happened following a facial with the usual exfoliation, mask and massage, all products contained “methylisothiazolinone” which is a preservative, and a cheap one while we’re at it, so it is found in most laundry detergents, shampoos and conditioners, and skincare products. And it can be found in really expensive skincare products as well, which drives me crazy (La Mer, I am looking at you…).

Methylisothiazolinone ranks in the top 10 known allergens. Remove it from your products people! More info on this here.

Skin has always been an obsession of mine and after years and years of struggling with breakouts and cystic acne, I won the war, and it was as simple as editing my skincare routine to avoid skincare products that cause acne, eliminating the following ingredients :

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

This one makes me angry. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is what makes a formula foamy. So chances are your foaming cleanser is filled with it. The big issue is that loads of so-called anti-acne face cleansers are foamy and contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is counter productive. You feel your skin is deeply cleansed but this ingredient completely disrupt the PH balance of the skin, transforming the skin in a paradise for bacteria where they can party and grow bigger and stronger, making your skin the perfect field for acne.

So basically they sell you shit that is going to make your acne worse, so you’re gonna buy more of their shit and so on. That has got to stop, we have to be informed of what goes onto our skin and the effects it has. Everything you put on your skin goes directly in your blood stream. The reason I am writing this post, and the beauty section of this blog, is to share my experience and knowledge so you don’t make the same mistake. We all deserve a flawless skin and it can be achieved.

More on Sodium Laureth Sulfate here.

Prefer an oil based or clay cleanser. And yes certain oils are really good for your skin! List of the best oils and their comedogenic index here.

Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite cleansers:

Coconut oil

Speaking of oils, as much as I looooove coconut oil for my hair and body, I don’t put it on my face as coconut oil has a comedogenic index of 4 on the scale of 0 to 5, 0 being no comedogenic and 5 being very comedogenic.

List of oils according to their comedogenic index here.


Dimethicone is a silicon, it is found in a lot of primers and creams. The beauty of silicon is that it fills in wrinkles and creates a smooth finish on the skin. The issue is that while doing so, it also blocks pores. Blocked pores lead to inflammation and therefore acne.

My face cream was high in dimethicone (it was at the top of the ingredient list – ingredients are ranked from most concentrated to least concentrated, so the ingredients at the top of the list are the major active ingredients of the formula). Switching to another cream that was silicon free made such a difference, no more cystic acne.

Some of the face creams and serums I currently use and love:

Exception to that: the self-tan cream I am using and loving, I have reviewed it here, it does contain dimethicone but it’s not highly concentrated and since I put it as a last step, after serum and creams, it somehow doesn’t have the same impact.

Exfoliating beads

Seriously guys, who wants to rub their faces with plastic beads? This is our skin we’re taking about, not the bathroom floor… Ditch the heavy exfoliation with beads that will destroy your skin and prefer acid toning as an alternative to exfoliate your skin the right way. Full post on acid toning here.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this post on skincare products that cause acne was helpful. I know the struggle is real when it comes to acne but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Comment below if you know other ingredients that can worsen acne, want to know your experience with this! Lots of love.

With style,

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Skincare Products That Cause Acne /


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