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If you know me, you know I’m a die-hard fan of the Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream. Totally addicted. Yet over the years, I’ve kept on trying lip products and lip balms, but nothing ever came close to the eight-hour. Until this product. I’m totally obsessed with the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty. I had never heard about the Bite Beauty brand, but as I was browsing around while on the look out for lip products to try, I stumbled upon it and decided to give it a go. So glad I did!

What is the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty?

It is a leave-on lip mask that hydrates and renews the lips thanks to a bioactive blend of organic agave nectar and jojoba oil, and triple the amount of the antioxidant trans-resveratrol found in red wine. Viva las agave.

While it says “mask” and is made to use a night time, I use it both before bed and in the morning, exactly how I use the eight-hour, and for the first time ever since the eight-hour, I wake up with perfectly moisturized and luscious lips. I love it. The effect lasts really long and it smells like sugar. What’s not to love.

It gives your lips a delicate and delicious transparent shine that stays put without feeling sticky and it really takes care of keeping those lips hydrated and nurtured thanks to both its formula and its thick consistency. My new must-have.

The Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty is part of a 3 product collection: a scrub, a balm and this mask. Haven’t tried yet the other products but if they are as good as the mask it’s a jackpot. And the lip mask also come in tinted versions. Kudos Bite Beauty.


99% natural ingredients without any parabens, sulfates, phthalates. Je like.

All ingredients are food-grade, or good-enough-to-eat ingredients, quite useful when it comes to making lip products, someone was thinking when creating Bite Beauty lip products 😉 And all products are made in-house in Toronto where the company is based.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find this review of the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty helpful!

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