How to look younger

How to look younger /

Big news flash, I’m turning 35 next week, yet (thank God!) I still look like I’m in my twenties and get IDed each time I go to Total Wine to buy booze. Me likey.

And no botox nor fillers whatsoever, ever. The day might come, and I will let you know, but so far, nothing… and I’m quite proud about that 😉 My secrets? I have taken care of my skin and moisturized since I was a teenager + I am a sleeper. I love my sleep and I think it plays a lot in keeping me looking fresh. Looking young is actually easier than you think and many of us take counter productive measures which doesn’t end up making us look our best. So here are my top 10 tips to look younger immediately! And the key word is “fresh”, it’s not a matter of wrinkle or age, it’s a matter of keeping it looking fresh.

1) Have your teeth whiten

It brightens your face immediately, and in order to look young, we want to bring light. The more we grow old, the more our teeth go yellow, so let’s reverse the process by whitening our teeth.

The at home treatment I use:

2) Don’t overdo it with botox and fillers

This is where it becomes counterproductive.

As much as I agree with the fact that doing botox early will prevent wrinkles to appear, youth is not only a matter of having a wrinkle free face. Lots of girls (and I say that lovingly) have destroyed their freshness by doing too much botox. The frozen look kills the freshness and the youth and give birth to ageless puffy faces. Ease on on the injections, ageless makes you actually look older than you probably are. Beware. Keep it fresh.

3) Don’t try too hard by dressing like a teenager

Don’t want to let go? Don’t think that by dressing like a youngster it will make you look young and cool. No no sister, refrain from the urge of looking like a teenager, you’ll look like a ridiculous old fart. Go for elegant instead and keep it casual.

4) Eat healthy

I have already talked about the benefits of a healthy diet in my “Going Vegan” post (you can read it here). It is insane how quickly you see results on your skin when you make changes in your diet.

To wake up less puffy, ditch processed foods asap and drink trunk loads of water.

5) Keep your makeup fresh, simple and tasteful

When I was a teen I used to wear a lot of makeup, which would make me look older and that was totally what I was going for. So when we want to look younger, here again we have to reverse the process and avoid the makeup mask. Instead we want a fresh look.

Choose medium coverage foundation with a glow finish and use concealer on dark spots and under the eye to conceal imperfections and unify the base.

Avoid black liner, too harsh on the face, instead prefer navy blue shadows.

6) Use silicon primers before your makeup

For a smooth face, prefer silicon primers. They will fill in those wrinkles and smooth them for a younger looking face.

Here’s a selection:

7) Keep your roots in check 

Touch up the greys cause they will give you in. Schedule regular appointments with your hair stylist to keep that hair delicious and young looking.

8) Have more sex

More sex, more happiness. Happiness gives a fresher younger look and those hormones you’ll release during sex will make you feel as young as ever.

9) Laugh more

Because when we’re young, we’re carefree and all about having fun. So laugh more, it will transform and open your face while making you look full of life. Liveness is the key.

10) Moisturize

The moisturization part of this process is fundamental. (I know, not a real word, welcome to Marilicious Land)

No one wants to look like a dry prune, so moisturize head to toe, every single day, keep that skin supple and delicious!

To do an even better job, give yourself a face massage, it will make sure the cream goes nice and deep into the layers of your skin and it will oxygenize the tissues, essential step to have a young healthy skin. You can use those face roller massagers to help you ease the process:

That was my top 10 tips on how to look younger. Thank you so much for stopping by, hope this post was helpful!

With style,

x M

How to look younger /

How to look younger /


Hi I’m Marie Fiorin! I’m a radio host on Radio Monaco and a beauty and fashion blogger and correspondent in Miami, Florida. Here I share my style, beauty tips, travel adventures and occasional ramblings. Marilicious is your online guide to shopping, style and beauty, Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll enjoy. With style, x M

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