Travel Diary: Palm Springs

Travel Diary Palm Springs /

Hi guys, I’ve been stalling and kinda dreading this post… yet I owe you an explanation. We went to Palm Springs the last week of August (yes I know it’s been two months…) but when we came back, right before hurricane Irma, I got the news from my Mum that my Dad had been admitted to the hospital so I jumped on the first plane and went back to Nice, France. Unfortunately, my Dad didn’t make it… It’s been very hard, much harder than I ever thought it would be and so I have been completely off the radar. My heart wasn’t in blogging nor instagramming and I believe you deserve the best, which I wasn’t able to give you. I thank you for your understanding and it is now time to get back into it. I have missed you and my Marilicious and I’m ready to pour myself in making life delicious again. Life is for the living and the only way I can honor my Dad is to keep living fully and vibrantly, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Which brings us back to a much brighter topic, Palm Springs.

If you follow me on IG (you can follow me here, and here is a post with some IG stories) you already know how much I have loved loved loved it there. It was my first time ever on the West Coast and it was perfect. The desert, the sunrises, star gazing, Joshua Tree National Park, the general vibe, going to LA and seeing the Hollywood sign, yes I know I went full on tourist on that one, but it was part of the dream, I know you get it 😉

The heat was intense, with temperatures up to 47°C / 117°F, but it was so worth it. Here are some pics from this trip to Palm Springs.

West Coast, see you again real soon my darling.

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Travel Diary Palm Springs /

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