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Ceramidin Cream Review


Hi you guys, so happy to be reviewing this cream for you today, I’m in love with this product so much: Ceramidin Cream by Dr Jart+.

You already know how much I had liked the Ceramidin Gel Cream (review here) and the Ceramidin Cream actually tops it!

What is Ceramidin Cream by Dr Jart+?

It is a moisturizing cream that prevents water loss thanks to the ceramides that are in it (hence the name of the range…). Ceramides are lipids that are present in the skin, that have the function of retaining moisture in the skin and maintaining the skin’s structure.

While the Gel Cream has a very fresh texture, the Ceramidin Cream‘s texture is more like the one of an onguent, which actually matches its packaging with I love. I love tubes and pumps, not a fan of jars whatsoever… The Gel Cream is in a jar which is actually the only thing that bothers me about it.

For which skin type?

They say that the Gel Cream is more for combination and oily skins  (or warm humid weathers) and the Cream for normal and dry skins (or cold weathers). I have a combination skin and I absolutely love the Cream. Yes, the texture is more onguent-like and heavier than the Gel Cream yet it goes beautifully on the skin and is not greasy whatsoever. It is well absorbed by the skin and. doesn’t make you shiny. Mind you that on top of my combination skin, I have been using the Ceramidin Cream in July and August in South Florida and Palm Springs, California with temperatures up to 117°F / 47°C and my skin was not greasy disgusting…

If you have a combination skin and that you don’t know which one to choose, my advice is: if you like light and fresh gel-like textures go for the Ceramidin Gel Cream, if you prefer silkier textures, go for the Ceramidin Cream, it’s that easy 😉

Plus it is not comedogenic so you won’t break out. Cha Ching.

Ceramidin Cream ingredients:


No nasties;)


It is a good value for money, the tube of 1.6 oz / 50 ml retails at $48, you can buy it here.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this Ceramidin Cream review was helpful and keep on taking care of your skin, you will feel so much better with a flawless skin!

Find the review of the Ceramidin Gel Cream here.

With style,

x M

Ceramidin Cream Review

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