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My whole life I’ve been addicted to heels and I’ve been wearing heels to photo shoots while styling, or while running errands, and to everything in between. That was when I was 20 something… I’m now 30 something and my patience with heels has clearly diminished. I still wear heels, obviously, yet I’m so loving me some flats. And what I’m loving the most is that fashion is giving us something that is both comfy, stylish and fun. Life is supposed to be fun and so is fashion. The last 8 pairs of shoes I’ve bought in last couple of months have all been flats, slides to be more precise, and I don’t go anywhere without my fluffy shoes! So many different styles to choose from that suit lots of different outfits, while keeping it stylish, comfy and fun. Remember the age where flats were boring? Well, this era is long gone, let’s give our feet some well deserved treats…

Here are my favorite slides of the moment 😉 Starting at $28…


Thank you for stopping by, I hope this “Shop the Trend” post on slide shoes was helpful. Don’t forget to have some fun, and never to take yourself seriously!

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