Stylish on a budget: Where I love to shop

Style on a budget

I love abundance and having lots of clothes to choose from, hence my passion for finding stylish cheap stuff that look like a million bucks.

Wether very small or very big, we are all on a budget and in this post I am sharing with you style hacks with the online stores I love to shop at, that carry great stylish clothes at a great price. Because style is not how much you spend, it’s how you wear it.

And if you want tips on how to look expensive, all my tips on that topic are in this post 😉

1) Missguided

I’m obsessed with them. Love their clothes. They have a very vast selection, always at a good price and they continuously run discounts and offers. Only recommendation, due to the wide variety of clothes, some of the stuff is quite ratchet, so stay away from it. Stay away from the whites as well (unfortunately very transparent…) unless you trust your seamstress to do the lining.

Stuff I currently like from Missguided:

2) Forever 21

Although I’m way over 21, shopping at Forever 21 still does the trick 😉

3) Mango

4) H&M

Always a cool option!

Other “style on a budget” shop on my radar for jewelry: BaubleBar

Thank you for stopping and happy shopping on a budget!

With style,

x M

Style on a budget


Hi I’m Marie Fiorin! I’m a radio host on Radio Monaco and a beauty and fashion blogger and correspondent in Miami, Florida. Here I share my style, beauty tips, travel adventures and occasional ramblings. Marilicious is your online guide to shopping, style and beauty, Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll enjoy. With style, x M

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