What to wear to a pool party

What to wear to a pool party

Don’t really feel like hanging out all day in your bikini feeling body conscious? Well you don’t have to, fashion is coming to your rescue, so you look stylish and feel great in your delicious body. I love cover-ups and crochet vests and dresses as they cover the flaws and make you look casually sexy.

Here are my 4 tips on what to wear to a pool party:

1) Arrive at the party wearing a beach dress. Boho and casual, easy to take off and won’t leave marks on your bum and thighs like fitted denim shorts would…

2) Have a cover-up in your bag, it will hide cellulite and other things we don’t want people to see, while making you look stylish and effortlessly sexy…

3) Ditch the heels, wear flats. This is a pool party, not a gala, chillax 😉

4) Accessorize, you will feel less naked and vulnerable… Jewelry is powerful!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this post on what to wear to a pool party was helpful! Have fun and check out those other posts for more style tips:

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With style,

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