What to wear to a beach wedding

What to wear to a beach wedding

Beach weddings and destination weddings are growing in popularity and there’s a great chance that the next wedding you’ll get invited to will be a beach wedding. Now the million dollar question is, what the hell to wear to a beach wedding?

We’ve seen in a previous post (here) what to wear to a wedding with general rules of thumbs and matters of proper etiquette, yet to a beach wedding, the whole ambiance will be more casual and bohemian, so no need to show up in a really elegant gown. But that’s not a reason to show up wearing beachwear though…

To find a healthy compromise, my advice on what to wear to a beach wedding is simple, go for maxi dresses that are flowy and airy. White is obviously a complete no-no…


Forget the heels, prefer a wedge should you really want some height, otherwise go for jeweled flat sandals.

Forget the flower crown as well, very 2014/15, yes it was gorgeous but we seriously gotta move on from that trend, it’s not original anymore… Prefer jeweled pieces for your hair.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope those tips on what to wear to a beach wedding were helpful! You can still refer to this post on “what to wear to a wedding” with my top 8 tips for a perfect outfit 😉

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