Marilicious Approved: Caudalie “Premières Vendanges” Moisturizing Cream

Caudalie Moisturizing Cream Review


This cream is turning out to be one of my major surprise crushes ever. If you’ve been following me you know that last month I embarked on a trip that lasted 2 weeks instead of 3 days as it was initially planned. Didn’t have enough clothes and didn’t have enough skincare… I only packed a carry on and because of TSA’s liquid regulations, I only took samples for serum and face cream… So when the trip got extended (you can read about more about it here and here, went to Ibiza, St Tropez, Finland and Germany) I needed a moisturizer and got in the first pharmacy I could find. Got my hands on a couple of products by Caudalie which is a brand I really like and I know that their ingredients are good, I bought their Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil (which I reviewed here) and this “Premières Vendanges” Moisturizing Cream. I just wanted a simple moisturizer and there it was.

What is  “Premières Vendanges” Moisturizing Cream by Caudalie?

It is a moisturizer for all skin types to be used AM and/or PM aiming at people in their 20s who are looking to moisturize their skin (“Premières Vendanges” means “first harvest” in French referring to wine and grapes which is the ingredient Caudalie is known for, and to “first” being one of the first products you would use in your skincare life). This cream also gives radiance to the skin.

Mind you I am no longer in my 20s… yet I just needed a moisturizer asap. And surprise! I am so happy I got to try this cream because it is such a good moisturizer. The skin feels so nicely nourished, the texture is creamy and goes on the skin beautifully without leaving any residues. It is not comedogenic and it is cheap!

Well in Germany I bought it for 18.80€ yet in the US it retails for $35. Still a reasonable price for a 40ml cream… Highly recommend it should you be looking for a moisturizer that does what it says it would. My skin feels less dehydrated after having used it for a month, it’s a keeper.

My tip though: always apply a serum underneath that will treat your concerns (anti-aging, lifting, etc). This is an excellent moisturizer but that’s all it does.

Full ingredient list:


Thank you for stopping by, I hope this review of the Caudalie “Premières Vendanges” moisturizing cream was helpful!

You can buy it here.

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Caudalie Moisturizing Cream Review

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