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How to look expensive /

Looking expensive has very little to do with how much you spend on your outfit yet everything to do with how your wear it. So here are my top 8 tips on how to look expensive even on a budget 😉

1) Go monochrome

Dressing in only one color head to toe will make you look like you know what you’re doing, that you gave some thoughts into being presentable and ultimately will make you look expensive. Why you ask? Because it will make people think that if you own everything in one color (from pants to top and to jacket), you probably must own a lot of shit, that you spend a lot on clothes and that therefore you must have a generous disposable income to play with, hence looking expensive. Plus it is very chic to go monochrome which contributes to the whole thing.

My tip: go for neutral colors

And a little black dress always does the trick 😉

2) Pay attention to fabrics

While it is totally possible to find cheap stuff with a great texture, fabrics are usually the one thing that says “cheap”. Choose your fabrics carefully and avoid garments that look too synthetic. And be careful with white. While white is my favorite color, it can look cheap quickly if the fabric is transparent and thin (and that can happen with expensive dresses as well…). So beware of how your clothes feel when you touch them, it will make all the difference in making you look from cheap too expensive in a heart beat.

3) Iron your clothes and clean your shoes

When you have money, you have people taking care of your laundry, your ironing and so forth. Apply this to your outfit. You want to look sharp with clothes that are clean, ironed, and hole free.

4) Brush your hair

I get the boho look is really trendy, but even models off duty brush their hair. Make a bit of an effort to do your hair should you want to look expensive. No time? A slick poney tail or bun will do the trick perfectly.

5) Wear lipstick

Lipstick says “I made an effort” and it will finish your look. Red lipstick will make you look sophisticated and expensive in no time. Be sure to use a lip liner to shape and define your lips nicely and double check that there’s no lipstick on your teeth, that would ruin it…

6) Nail it

Have perfect nails, and prefer neutral shades of polish. A chipped manicure will ruin all your efforts in looking expensive and put together. A manicure is a must and never goes overrated.

7) Choose heavy accessories

Heavy accessories show substance and say money. Cheap looking accessories and jewelry are usually really light and too blinggy. Go for heavy chunky pieces of jewelry instead. It will add character to your look and will make your outfit look substantial and expensive.

Here’s my selection of heavy accessories for under $250:

And please don’t try to look like a Christmas tree, wearing every single piece of jewelry you own. Trying too hard makes you look cheap and desperate. Not the look we’re going for…

8) Carry a statement bag

Following my previous tip, heavy accessories call for a big statement bag and will make you look expensive. Want to look expensive? Make a statement while staying classy and chic.

Here’s my selection of expensive looking statement bags for under $250:

Thank you for stopping by, I hope these 8 tips on how to look expensive were helpful! You can also find here tips on how to easily look put together 😉

With style,

x M


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