What to wear to a Gala in Monaco

What to wear to a Gala in Monaco

Probably because there was the Red Cross Gala last Friday in Monaco, I got inspired to write a post on what to wear to a gala in Monaco. I had a similar post on the “old” Marilicious version and realized I hadn’t archived it on this new blog version, whoopsie, problem solved, here are my top 5 fashion stylist tips to shine bright at a gala.

Me in 2012 at a Gala in Monaco to celebrate Princess Grace. Time flies and life is better as a blondie 🙂


My top 5 tips on what to wear to a gala in Monaco:

1) Go full length

Wanna play princess? That’s your chance. Dress like a lady and go full length. Choose an elegant maxi dress that will make you feel like a million bucks. Here’s my selection, all under $250 😉

2) Avoid prints

Better to bet on solid colors like lavender, navy, Burgundy, beige, black and white. Please don’t show up with a bright flashy gown, it won’t be appropriate and you will feel like crap all night.

3) Jumpsuits

Princess Charlene showed up at the Red Cross Gala on Friday in a strapless silver jumpsuit with sequins by Versace. She was absolutely stunning and she already wore a jumpsuit at the same ball in 2015, it was a red Valentino jumpsuit, gorgeous. This officially kicks off our right to wear jumpsuits at a Gala in Monaco!

4) Go easy with the jewelry

Unless you luckily own diamonds, don’t over charge on the jewelry, especially if it is fake. It will look like you wore everything you owned and you will look ridiculous. Don’t try too hard to impress.

5) Hair and makeup

Keep it clean and sophisticated. Go for full hair and full coverage makeup but keep it simple. Like for the jewelry, don’t overdo it. You want to look fresh.


Thank you for stopping by, I hope those tips on what to wear to a gala in Monaco were helpful, have fun!

With style,

x M

What to wear to a Gala in Monaco

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