My top 5 tips for a perfect skin

Tips for a perfect skin / How to have a flawless skin 

My skin has always been a concern of mine. I have suffered cystic acne and allergic reactions to creams and foods and I am very conscious about my skin. When you have bad skin, you simply want to hide and shy away so no one sees you. It’s tough and it has had a significant impact in my day to day life and the way I interact with people. Luckily through the years, I have found solutions to heal my skin without having to wear makeup as a mask anymore, to conceal my blemishes and protect me from the outside world. I’m still not confident enough to totally get rid of my concealer (loving this one by the way) but yet again, I don’t want to see your pimples and you shouldn’t have to see mine.

In order to get rid of those nasty pimples no one wants to see nor have, here are my top 5 tips to have a flawless skin, they are simple and really effective.

Tips for a perfect skin:

1) Stay away from the foam

Get rid of any face cleanser that creates a foam. Foam is generally due to an ingredient called sodium laureate sulfate which damages the skin and renders the skin very appealing to acne causing bacteria. Use a oil based cleanser instead (I reviewed here the Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil).

2) Wash those brushes

Wash your makeup brushes once a week with a conditioner, especially your concealer and foundation brushes. You really don’t wanna know what grows in there where they’re dirty and you definitely don’t want it on your skin. So get to washing, your skin will thank you for it.

3) Sweat

The best way to clean those pores inside out and to sweat! Wether by working out or by going to the steam room, sweating in really efficient in clearing out the skin and achieve a flawless complexion.

4) Use skincare products in the right order

I wrote a post about that last week that you can read here. Using the right product at the right step of your beauty routine will enhance its action and benefit your skin. It’s useless to use a ridiculously expensive cream if you don’t prep your skin first (by acid toning for example) or to put your eye cream last, you won’t get the full effects. Check the steps here for a flawless beauty routine.

Some of my favorite skincare products:

5) Watch what you eat

Digestion plays a fundamental role in having a healthy flawless skin.

Ditch the processed foods

What goes in comes out, and processed foods are number one in the list of things that will men you break out ; so eat clean healthy foods and ditch what’s processed.

Beware of the grains

The membrane of grains is filled with anti-nutrients such as lectins and phytates. Their aim is to protect the grains from being eating by birds and insects. When we eat grains, not only anti-nutrients interfere negatively with the absorption of the nutrients we need,  they are resistant to human digestion and damage the intestinal lining. Because we don’t digest them, we often produce antibodies to them and each time we consume grains, it provokes a immune system reaction which can lead to auto-immune diseases, leaky gut, allergies and skin rashes.

The solution: prep your grains by soaking them overnight with hot filtered water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. The acidity will attack the membrane and will make it easier to digest. For grains such as buckwheat and quinoa, pressure cook them to totally get rid of lectins. If I eat quinoa without doing this, I break out the next day.

Going vegan

Nothing is better than a clean plant-based diet to insure the radiance of your skin. I’m going vegan and my skin is clearer and less puffier when I wake up 😉


Thank you for stopping by, I hope those tips for a perfect skin were helpful!

With style,

x M

Tips for a perfect skin / How to have a flawless skin 


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