What to wear to a Wedding

What to wear to a Wedding

Love it or hate it, weddings are happening and we gotta dress for the occasion 😉

I personally love weddings, yet finding a dress to attend the happy occasion can turn into a nightmare, wether it be in my years of styling private clients, consulting for retailers, or for myself. Don’t hate on me, but brides are usually the reason of the nightmare. They can be very particular about the colors and it can be a real headache to find a dress that match their requests while still looking pretty… It’s just clothes people, it shouldn’t be that complicated, I love fashion but let’s have fun with it. Hence my following top 8 tips on what to wear to a wedding.

1) No white

That’s a must. Don’t you dare show up at a wedding wearing white, it is inappropriate and rude, you won’t upstage the bride and you will be looked and frowned upon. Especially if you are close to the bride, don’t you dare.

Unless of course the dress code is white and Solange Knowles is the bride. Hello perfect wedding, they did shoot incredible wedding pictures that day…

2) Black is a go

Black is really elegant and classy and, should you not find other colors that match what’s required, black will always be a valid option.

3) Short dresses and boobs out are a no

This is a wedding people. Dress the part, dress appropriately, it’s no going to the club. You’ll look ridiculous.

And cover up with a bolero jacket for the ceremony should your dress be sleeveless.

4) Avoid vibrant colors and strong prints

Only because it won’t look good in group pictures. You sure will stand out but not for the good reasons.

5) The tuxedo

Want to stand out elegantly? Go for a tuxedo. So chic.

6) Long flowy dresses are always a good idea

You will look appropriate yet fresh and fashionable. Choose one in whatever light (pink, baby blue, lavender) or deep (burgundy, military green, navy) hue you please.

7) So are jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are now the equivalent of a LBD, you gotta have one in your closet, and they suit a lot of occasions, including weddings so go for it.

8) Teach an old dog new tricks

While I’m not at all in favor of repeating outfits, repeating a dress or a jumpsuit is totally fine as long as it is accessorized differently each time. It would be so expensive to buy something and wear it only once, so you could wear that dress you love and that is already in your closet, without having to get something brand new for each wedding. Just spice it up with different shoes and jewelry. Think of the dress as a blank canvas and tell a different story each time you wear it, by mixing and matching accessories. Your outfit will look brand new 😉

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this post on what to wear to a wedding was helpful.

With style,

x M

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