How to layer skincare

How to layer skincare… That’s a question I often get when chatting with my girlfriends about skincare, and it is quite an important one when you want to do skincare right and have the desired results and benefits of the creams and serums you use.

Korea, capitale of skincareland, has proven to be so efficient in layering skincare. Korean girls use over a dozen skincare products a day and while it may seem overwhelming to us Western girls, it is so damn effective.

I understand that you may only be using a makeup remover and a cream, which is already a good start, but true goodness and results come with a tad more products… Compare layering skincare to layering your outfits or your home interior. One layer works, but playing with a few layers makes it look like it’s been professionally taken off and takes it to next level.


So here’s how to layer skincare successfully to have a flawless skin.


1) Cleansing

2) Misting

3) Eye cream

4) Serum

5) Cream

6) SPF



1) Makeup removing

2) Cleansing

3) Acid toning

4) Misting

5) Eye cream

6) Serum or night treatment

7) Cream or oil



Oily textures always come last, so when layering you should always go from light textures to oily textures. Once oil is on, nothing you will put on top will penetrate the skin (unless it’s another oil) as oil creates a shield. So don’t waste time and money and put your serum or night treatment beforehand. (Read here why oil is so beneficial to the skin especially when you suffer from acne or breakouts).

Eye cream goes first. The skin texture around the eye is different, much more thin and fragile and much more absorbant. So apply first the product the eye area will benefit from. And then layer serum and cream on top.

Misting. The skin should never go totally dry, we’ve talked about this in this post where I reviewed the Elizabeth Arden Mist. The reason why your skin should not go completely dry (nor should you stay wet and leave your skin to air dry) is due to something called transepidermal water loss, which is a process where water evaporates from the skin which causes dryness and irritations. Hence the use of moisturizing mist in between cleansing and moisturizing.

Acid toning. I wrote more about it here but the nugget of wisdom regarding acid toning is that you need to prep your skin otherwise whatever you put on it won’t be as effective as it should. Skipping this step is like keeping on applying nail polish every week while never removing the previous coats. It doesn’t work. (I really like the pads by First Aid Beauty, they are mild and affordable).

Cleansing. Prefer oily textures such as Take the day off by Clinique (oil or balm), or the cleansing oils by Tatcha, Caudalie (which I’m currently using), or Tata Harper. It is more gentle to the skin and removes makeup and impurities flawlessly. Stay away from anything that makes a foam. Foam comes from an ingredient called sodium laureth sulfate which is very damaging to the skin especially if you suffer from acne or regular breakouts. Read more about it here.

Here are some skincare products I use and love!


Thank you for stopping by, I hope this post on how to layer skincare was helpful!

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