Going Vegan

Going Vegan

I didn’t see that one coming, but I’m going vegan and I’m super excited about it!

Although yes, I never thought I’d be going all the way given the fact that there is fur in my closet, I have been off and on meat for over 15 years (well I’ve been off and on a lot of things, yet meat as been a recurring one…) and lately I realized I was forcing myself to eat meat because I believed it was good for me and that I needed my daily intake of animal protein yet, it felt wrong.

Real fur is having the same effect, and believe you me I really didn’t see that one coming. I love fashion and I love fur but I can’t do the real one anymore, they make such good fake ones now that why do we have to make animals suffer? I know I’m sounding coo-coo but I’m having an epiphany, there is enough suffering in the world and I don’t want to be the cause of it. I won’t buy fur anymore.

We don’t live anymore in an environment where we need to kill an animal to survive and have food and keep warm. Yes there is a food chain, I know the deal and yes it is part of nature but slaughter houses aren’t part of the way nature is built. We are destroying our resources with the only aim to supply foods that are actually unhealthy for us.

For a few months now, I’ve been binge reading books and watching documentaries on the subject and I just can’t / don’t want / don’t need to eat meat anymore. I highly recommend the book “Meat is for Pussies”, love the title, by John Joseph and you can watch:

  • Hungry for change
  • Food Choices
  • Vegucated
  • It is all on Netflix and there are so many more that I yet have to watch: Cowspiracy, What the health, In defense of food, Food matters, Fat sick and nearly dead…

Bottom line is that we don’t need meat to survive. Meat, dairy and processed foods are actually the cause of many diseases of today’s society, and you can spin it all you want but everyone who has ever switched to a clean plant-based diet has thrived and discovered great health in a fit sexy body.

I have been off dairy for years as part of treating my allergies and as much as I love cheese and yogurt (I’ve never been a milk person so that was really easy to give up), I know that when I eat it, I will suffer the consequences the next day…

Same with cutting off meat and processed foods, I don’t feel heavy after a meal anymore, my digestive system is spot on, I don’t feel like taking naps that much, I wake up less puffy, my skin is better, I have less cravings, I love it. It is basically switching from a diet exceedingly rich in calories yet poor in nutrients (you keep eating as you never feel satisfied and you gain weight) to a diet so rich in nutrients but poor in calories (you eat all you want and loose weight). Go plants!

It is easier said than done because cleaning the way we eat needs some adjustments, yet it is totally doable and I don’t feel hungry or like I’m depriving myself, it’s quite the opposite. I’m not 100% there yet but step by step it is coming together. I have been eliminating processed foods for a few months now and adding juices and smoothies, and cutting off animal products seemed like the next logical step.

What I’ve been struggling with the most in the beginning has been ideas on what to eat, we used to barbecue a lot which made life easy (steak with a side of chicken and a juice) but now what? I definitely lacked inspiration in the beginning but I’m discovering there are actually so many different yummy recipes that I’m good with it (thank you “The No Meat Athlete Cookbook”). Plus the grocery bill is decreasing 😉 I will share recipes I like here on the blog, so stay tuned.

The only problem still, is when I’m out of the house… In the house, I select my ingredients, I know what’s in the food, I have options, it’s a safe place 🙂 but out and traveling is still tricky. I’ve been put to the test and I failed… but when there’s NOTHING else but meat at the table, and that you’re a guest, what the f*ck do you do? So yes I caved, I was hungry, didn’t want to make a fuss… But I didn’t enjoy eating it, which I suppose, shows I’m in the right direction. It’s the beginning of a journey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

All of that to say that I’m excited about this new path. I have been trying so many different diets to heal my allergies and acne, and I’m now realizing that the solution was here all along, going vegan. It is good for our body, our health, our bank account, our planet (and our sex life… read “Meat is for Pussies”).

Will keep you posted on our this journey on going vegan goes, thank you stopping by, I really appreciate your visit and I hope this post was helpful!

With style,

x M

Going Vegan

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