8 Tips to easily look put together

How to look put together… even when you feel like a total mess…

As I anticipated in a previous post, my life has been full of surprises and travels in the last few weeks, it was so exciting yet I ended up traveling for 2 weeks with a carry on I had packed for 3 days… This is where you wish you had Mary Poppins’ bag πŸ™‚ I know, luxury problems…

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the unexpectedness of it all, and it inspired me to write this post with tips on how to always look put together even when you feel like a mess. My outfits are important to me, getting dressed in the morning makes me happy, it sets my day and my mood. I truly believe that when you feel good in your body and in your clothes, it reflects positively on the vibe you project to the world. No matter your style, wether ultra polished or boho casual, looking put together will make or break your overall look, and when you have limited outfit options, everything is in the detail so you look fresh and presentable Β in any circumstances πŸ˜‰ The best thing is that it doesn’t take gazillion hours or that much effort to achieve it!

1) Make sure you look crisp with ironed clothes and clean shoes

The first step in looking put together is to wear crisp clothes, and clean those sneakers. Be comfy not sloppy.

2) Make your tailor your best friend

The right hem length and fit will make the difference and will make you look like your hired yourself a stylist.

3) Manicure, manicure, manicure

Nothing worse than a chipped off mani and messy nails, it will give you up. Perfect nails is the key to looking put together in any circumstance.

4) Don’t overdo it with accessories

Coco Chanel once said you should remove the last thing you’d put on before leaving the house. When I was styling clients or photo shoots, accessories played a huge part in the overall look, yet too many can kill the look, especially with jewelry. You never want to look like you are wearing all the jewelry pieces you own, it’s tacky and makes you look like you are trying too hard. Not good.

5) Don’t forget adding accessories

Style can be tricky πŸ˜‰ you can’t overdo it with accessories yet you still should wear some, otherwise it makes you look like you went out of the house in a hurry. Being under accessorized will leave your outfit look incomplete, and therefore not put together.

6) Do your hair

We all want to look like an off-duty model with messy hair that looks absolutely perfect, but in real life, we need to brush our hair to look somewhat presentable. So take that extra few minutes to do your hair, it will take you from “just got out of bed” to “ready for this meeting” and will make you look put together.


7) Wear red lipstick and keep the rest of your makeup natural

You want to look fresh instead of overly made up, so keep the makeup natural with a bit of tinted moisturizer, concealer, blush and mascara. The red lip is the ultimate “looking put together” tool, having a bold lip will complete the look, up the level of sophistication and will make you look like you care.


8) Confidence

Chin up, shoulders back, tummy in, and whatever you’re wearing will hang perfectly. Hello confidence, hello put togetherness.

I hope those 8 tips on how to look put together were helpful, thank you for stopping by!

With style,

x M




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