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I think I owe you guys a little life update, but first, happy July 4th!!!

I have been MIA for almost a month, taking a break from social media and having a little online detox, even my friends can’t keep up with me and no one really knows where in the world I am, oopsie! Hence this blog post darlings 😉

During that time (May/June) I’ve been travelling, going back home to the French Riviera for a couple of weeks and then going back and forth, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Amsterdam, then back to Fort Lauderdale after this 5 week European tour. Still fulfilling, my duties with Radio Monaco and online publications I write for 😉

I thought I’d stay cool and quiet in Florida for a couple of months but sure enough, after a mere 2 weeks back (and while really looking forward to celebrating my first July 4th!!!), with BF we woke up one morning, packed up and hopped on a plane to Finland for the weekend (a mix of business and pleasure…) Turns out we are not going back to FL just yet as we are now in Ibiza for the week!!! I know, my life is crazy, loving the unexpectedness and so happy I get to enjoy this lifestyle ; I can work remotely as long as I have my beloved computer and decent WIFI, and I hope you’ve noticed, Marilicious has been updated every single day with new content and product reviews, bringing my A game for you guys 🙂 Please have a look should you want to update your beauty and skincare routine!

As excited as I am about this last minute trip, I don’t have anything to wear but will figure this out, I’m usually prepared for the unexpected (ten years as a fashion stylist teaches you a thing or two) yet I dropped the ball on this one, packed quickly and with 3 days in Finland in mind, good thing I took a swimsuit with me though! I’m thinking I will blog about how to always look put together even when you feel like an inappropriate mess this week… Gotta make lemonade… 😉 So stay tune! And thank you for stopping by, it means a lot!

Some pics of my trips, kisses guys!

With style,

x M

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