Marilicious Approved: DermaSkin Hydra Relax Mask

DermaSkin Hydra Relax Mask Review


Ok I have a confession to make… I am not a mask person. As much as I am obsessed and in love with skincare and cosmetics, masks aren’t just my thing. I always forget to put them on even when I was so excited to buy this or that one and that I needed to have it. I use it once and then it stays in the drawer. It’s like I need to set a reminder or actually book myself an appointment to apply the damn thing. Who has time for that… Yet as a skincare nerd, I know how beneficial masks are, they feed and clear up the skin. The solution? Leave-on masks. I swear by them. Use them as a night treatment, no muss no fuss, they fit perfectly into my beauty routine, no appointment needed.

The latest I have tried is the DermaSkin Hydra Relax Mask. I am already using another product from this brand: their eye cream (review here). I really like this brand, it is a great value for money and no BS ingredients.


What is DermaSkin Hydra Relax Mask?

It is a highly moisturizing mask that you can use as a leave-on all night. You can also use it in the am when you need a boost to look fresh and rested. No need to rinse it, just apply it, leave it on for 15 minutes and massages the excess into the skin.

It moisturizes, refreshes and soothes the skin thanks to algae extracts.


How many times a week?

The brand says 2 to 3 times a week. I go through phases and use it as a cure. I’ll use it every night for a week straight and then nothing for a month.

Bottom line is I use it when I feel I need some more loving with a fresh gel texture to apply overnight instead of my usual facial oils. It’s nice to switch it up.

To be applied on both face and neck (ladies and gents, let’s not forget the moisturization of the neck, we tend to forget it but once it has aged, the neck is really difficult to correct, no botox will do, so moisturize).


For which skin types:

All skin types, perfectly suit acne-prone and sensitive skins. Non comedogenic.

Perfect when you are on a budget yet need to give your skin some oomf and replenish it.


How long have I been using/testing it?

I just emptied my first tube. Bought it 6 months ago.


Would I buy it again?





14,90€ for 50ml


Where to buy:

Parashop in France or Atrium Santé


Thank you for stopping by, I hope it was helpful!

With style,

x M


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