Moisturizing in the shower: My go-to products

Moisturizing in the shower


I am lazy AF when it comes to body moisturizing… I know, it sucks. Yet I love showering, and both Nivea and Neutrogena have come to my rescue by creating products you can use in the shower to moisturize. It’s a perfect combo and it makes me happy.

My skin is dry so I desperately need to moisturize but I just can’t get to it sometimes. I love layering creams and goodies on my face but when it comes to my body I just want to go play dress up.

Main difference between the 2 products, one you have to rinse (Nivea), one you don’t (Neutrogena).


NIVEA in-shower body lotion:

It has a thick texture and you apply it as you would a shower gel (except you don’t actually use it on the under-arm area and private parts…). Once you’re done with your shower, you apple the in-shower body lotion, rinse quickly and voilà! Pat dry gently and it is done. I love it and my skin feels so smooth and delicious after I use it. Plus no need to spend time moisturizing after that.


NEUTROGENA body oil:

It has an oil texture, as you would expect from the name, you gotta apply it once you are done showering, no need to rinse. Once you’re still damp, apply the oil, it’s very quick, and then pat dry. Hello velvety yummy skin. So quick and easy and the skin feels really moisturized.

Love the smell of both products, I have been using them for 2 months, the Nivea one is almost empty and as you can see in the picture, the Neutrogena one has one third left.

I recommend both products, moisturizing in the shower is my new go-to. And no nasty ingredients such as methylisothiazolinone.

If you are lazy like me, give it a go 😉

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this was helpful.

With style,

x M

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