How to wear a denim shirt (VIDEO)

How to wear a denim shirt

Hello hello! Hope you guys are well, today’s post is about how to wear a denim shirt, with a video to give you some inspo. You can wear a denim shirt in a total denim look, with a denim pencil skirt, denim shorts or jeans, or with neutral colors or even as a jacket for a cool factor.

Denim shirts:

The main dos and don’ts of wearing a denim shirt stylishly are:

  • always roll up your sleeves
  • in a total denim look, top and bottom should have a similar color so they can blend together nicely
  • pair your denim shirt with denim or with neutral colors, avoid bold and vibrant colors
  • have fun and smile

Denim shirts:

Denim skirts:

Denim shorts:


Thank you for stopping by, I hope this was helpful!

With style,

x M

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