Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster

Clarins self tanner face

Hi guys! Who wants a healthy Goddess J.Lo glow???

I now, I want that too. So bad. For a couple of summers I have used another self-tanning product by Clarins for the face, which I have previously reviewed here on the blog, it’s the “Instant Smooth Self Tanning”. I really love this product and the last time I needed a refill the Sephora lady advised me to try this other product, still by Clarins: “Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster”.

What is it?

It’s a self-tanning booster, meaning that you add a couple drops of products to your own face cream, mix it, apply on your face and it’s done.

What does it do?

It gives your face a nice caramel glow (very nice color, nothing orange whatsoever).

When to apply it?


Everyday for 3 days when you first start using it and then every third day to maintain the  tan.

Does it stink?

No, the fake tan smell is very mild and it didn’t bother me.

For which skin types?

Anybody who wants a natural looking glow.

Non comedogenic, not greasy.

How long did I test it for?

2 months. Almost emptied it.



Would I buy it again?

No, I would go for the other Clarins fake tan: the “Instant Smooth Self Tanning”, I really like that one and I feel this booster isn’t strong enough. The color is much like a simple glow rather than a tan.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this was helpful!

With style,

x M

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