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Hello lovely people! I hope you’re well, as you may have seen on Instagram, I just got back from paradise, also known as Key West, Florida. It was hot and sunny and boy do I needed a break!

I am so grateful I got to spend a couple days there and I came back baring pictures 😉

You might not know that and it is going to surprise you but I love chickens. I actually want to have a couple of chickens in my backyard one day, very farm girl of me, and Key West is filled with them! Chickens and roosters are protected there and you’ll see them crossing the road, on the beach, by the pool. Made my day.

The only thing though, is that Key West roosters crow all day long, not just at sunrise. They are probably excited to live in paradise and want to share their excitement… It’s fun for a couple days, and you get used to it as the time goes by, not sure I could do it 24/7…

Note to self: get only chicks, no rooster.

Back to paradise, we visited Hemingway’s house, a rum distillerie and I ate fish tacos until I couldn’t breathe anymore.

I also got drunk on Cosmopolitans. Well actually, on A cosmopolitan… I’m not the party girl I used to be and after the juice cleanse I’ve done, my body forgot what it was like to process alcohol. So one drink, and I’m out. Whoopsie… I am officially a cheap date, didn’t see that one coming.

But hey, what’s a little vacay without a hangover right?

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your love and support <3

With style,

x M

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