Marilicious Approved: Sisleya Lotion de Soin Essentielle

Sisleya Lotion de Soin Essentielle Review


I have gone through a couple bottles of this product so here is my review!

First off, although it is called a “lotion” (meaning, a toner) you can actually use it as a serum. It is a great alternative to buying an expensive serum. Sisley is an amazing high-end brand that delivers, and with this “Sisleya Lotion de Soin Essentielle” you get a lot of value and product for your money.

One bottle costs 115€ in France for 150ml (5 oz), versus $185 in the US so I strongly suggest you get your hands on one of those should you be visiting Europe. Currency exchange rate €/$ is almost 1 these days and as much as I see the value in this product for 115 bucks, I wouldn’t spend the extra 70 to get it… Got it?

Cool. Bare in mind that a high end serum such as Shiseido or Estée Lauder usually costs around $100 for 50ml so here with the Sisley Lotion you get 3 times more product. Now yes, I hear you, this is a lotion, not a serum, yet it has great ingredients in great concentration, together with the texture of a serum, which makes this product a valid alternative should you want to go the extra mile with your skincare regimen, without going all in and spending the big bucks. Yet again this is true for European buyers only. Sorry America…

What is “Sisleya Lotion de Soin Essentielle”?

  • It has a light creamy texture that penetrates instantly
  • It is great the prevent the 1st signs of aging
  • It moisturizes and replumps the skin, smoothing fine lines
  • It makes the skin more receptive to subsequent skin care treatments
  • It is filled with the renowned anti-aging ingredients from the very expensive (and effective) Sisleya range, targeting mature skins

How to use it?

  • On a cleansed skin, before your face cream
  • If you are under 40, use it as a day serum
  • If you are over 40, use it AM and PM underneath your serum

For which skin types?

Thank you for stopping by, I hope this was helpful!

With style,

x M

Sisleya Lotion de Soin Essentielle Review

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