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I love shoes and I’m pretty sure you do too 😉 yet it can be quite an expensive hobby…

When I was a professional fashion stylist back in Milan, Italy, I had access to all the showrooms where I would pull stuff from for editorials and shootings. The great thing about that was that I got to be on their list for their sample sales. Sample sales, don’t you just love that word?

Anyway, long story short I managed to build an extensive collection of Jimmy Choo shoes through the years, and to this day I am still in love with them, I cherish them, I wear them, I look at them… Well the ones that I still have left cause most of them, unfortunately, didn’t end their life in the best of conditions. I admit that back in the day I was a pretty hard core wild party girl, plus I was crazy enough to do all my shopping appointments and shooting days on 12 cm heels. Those shoes have lived and so did I. But I am also quite OCD and particular when it comes to my shoes so I have looked after them. Yet those pretty luxurious shoes had an expiration date. Snif.

When I moved back to the French Riviera, no more showrooms, no more sample sales, and I couldn’t buy expensive shoes like they were candies anymore. Until I found this brand, which is my shoe secret that I am revealing today to you, my dear shoe lovers.

I kept on partying, you can take the girl out of the party but you can’t take the party our of the girl… and surprisingly found out that cheap shoes last longer than expensive ones. Didn’t see that one coming. It’s like having the best of both worlds, great stylish shoes that you can wear over and over, and keep your banker happy at the same time. I believe in unicorns but this one, I hadn’t foreseen.

Here are examples of the shoes I got for less than 40 bucks, while they look high end and are still in mint condition even after extensive use. What’s not to love.

EVERYONE has been asking where those shoes are from and I’ve had compliments over and over. I kept quiet, until now 😉 Click here for the big reveal.

This is my shoe secret.

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With style,

x M

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