Marilicious Approved: Argan Oil by Lift’Argan

Argan Oil Benefits For Face

Hi guys, following the previous posts about putting oil on my face and the oil comedogenic rating, I am reviewing today the argan oil I have been using every night for the last four months (hence the empty bottle in the pic).

Please bare in mind that although I am reviewing a specific argan oil brand, I want to remind you of the benefits of using argan oil as your facial oil, and any brand will do as long as the argan oil you choose follows this specifications:

  • must be 100% pure argan oil
  • must be 100% organic
  • must be fragrance free
  • must be first cold pressed (refers to the extraction method to obtain the oil which best keeps the nutritional value, other methods may destroy the benefits of the oil)

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree which is native to Morocco

Argan oil benefits for face:

Lift’Argan Oil:

  • does all of the above, I absolutely love it.
  • only down fall though: its smell. It’s not the most delicious yummy smell ever but yet again, It 100% natural and fragrance free so I’d rather use an oil that doesn’t smell luscious and have a perfect skin that using chemicals just so that my night treatment smells good…

How to use argan oil:

  • at night as the last step of your beauty routine. Oil always comes last as its molecular structure won’t let other formulas go through it. So if you apply a product that is not an oil on top of an oil, it basically stays on top of it and never reaches the skin. Bummer.

I hope this argan oil review was helpful 😉 I have a sensitive combination acne-prone skin and this oil is my holy grail, I highly recommend it!

With style,

x M


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