Marilicious Approved: Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning

Clarins Self Tanner


My face hasn’t seen the sun in years. I always use SPF. Sounds great (but sad) on paper yet my skin is really fair and I love a golden glow, who doesn’t. To every problem there’s a solution and mine is this Clarins Seft Tanner. It’s called “Instant Smooth Self Tanning” / “Lisse Minute Auto-Bronzant” in original French.

Clarins has a skincare line called “Instant Smooth” with a makeup base that smoothes lines, blurs pores and perfects the skin. Imagine that with a cherry on top: self tanning. I’m in love.

What is Clarins “Instant Smooth Self Tanning” ?

It’s a self tan for the face that has all the perfecting benefits of the “Instant Smooth” line.

The texture is like a compact mousse, it is very easy to spread and leaves a mat velvety finish on the skin.

It gives a nice caramel color, very natural, not orange whatsoever 😉

How to use it?

On top of your day cream.

Apply all over the face, a tiny bit of product is enough.

When to use it?

Mornings only. Every other day until you’ve build the color you want and then twice a week to maintain it.


This Clarins Self Tanner has a bit of a tanning self but nothing outrageous, it is totally bare able and mind you that I can’t stand fake tan smell. So we’re good with this one.

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Looking forward to your safe tan!

With style,

x M

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