Travel Diary: South Africa

Travel Diary South Africa

Oh boy I have finally edited this video, a stay of 3 weeks, hours of footage, condensed in a 7 minute video that I’m very happy to share with you today. Went to South Africa for the holidays, first time there and I absolutely loved it. Wasn’t expecting myself to fall in love so much with the animals and the wild life over there but they are so beautiful and grand. Another thing I wasn’t expecting either was the weather, you basically experience the four seasons all in one day, will pack better next time 😉 and the humidity is something else. I had no choice but to embrace freezy hair, what a charm.

In the video, the footage from the “Wild Life” has been taken in two parks, the first one was the Tala Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal and the second was Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Parks in Zululand (to be pronounce shlu-shlu-we).

And the hippo cruise was in St Lucia which is in Zululand as well.

As for driving up Sani Pass, it was an unforgettable experience and I’m actually glad that we had the weather that we had with the fog and the entire shabang, it made it so much more badass and adventurous. Loved it. It took us something like 2 hours to go up and an hour and a half to go down.

Another incredible day was the hike to the bushmen drawings in the Drakkensberg mountains in KwaZulu-Natal and it was hot! Thankfully the fresh springs from waterfalls made it all better and the feeling of splashing fresh waterfall water onto your bare face is irreplaceable. I wore makeup maybe twice during this trip (for Christmas day and that night we went to see “The Sound of Music”) so that was also a great thing. No makeup no fuss.

Back to the bushmen. Only the shamans were allowed to hike up the mountains and draw. They would take magic mushrooms (yes, magic mushrooms, whoop whoop, Rowan, our guide confirmed it), go in a spiritual transe and translate their visions into drawings. It is impressive as the drawings look like they were painted yesterday. Weird when you think that our modern paint doesn’t last more than a few years when you have your house painted, but that’s a different story. The bushmen would use eland blood, okra powder and charcoal as a blend to paint. The drawings being protected from the sun is one of the reasons why they are so well kept. It took us over an hour to hike up there and I had a panic attack at the top. Not proud of it but I suffer from vertigo, weirdest thing, the higher my heels are the better but when it comes to real lights, I’m out. The last bit of the hike to arrive at the top was really hectic for me and I froze. My only thought was: how the hell am I gonna go back down. And yeah, I also saw myself falling off over and over again. The sun and the heat didn’t help. I managed to climb up and sat down, unable to turn around to admire the view. Everything was spinning around me. Waterfall water really came in handy, together with being in the shade and there was a nice breeze up there. Managed to regulate my breath and I was back on. I turned around and realized it wasn’t all that bad and started really enjoying being up there. And to my surprise, I had zero issue going back down, it was like my mind had manufactured this huge fear, but once I faced it and went through it, it self-dissolved. Facing this fear felt like one of my biggest accomplishments so far, and to this day, although I still suffer from vertigo it doesn’t bother me as much, my fear turned into an adrenaline rush. Very powerful. And I didn’t take any magic mushrooms to feel so 😉

Last but not least, the Zulu dances, also known as the moment where I obsessed over the Zulus outfits and accessories. They recreated a marriage proposal and a wedding and it was made with a lot of humour, I had a really great time.

Here are some pics, you might have seen some already on IG if you follow me. I you don’t follow me, please do!!!



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Travel Diary South Africa


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