Marilicious Approved: DermaSkin Repair Eyes & Lips

Cheap eye cream for dark circles. That’s what this cream is, in a nutshell.


This eye cream costs 15 bucks for 15ml. I know that price should NOT be the reason why one buys a beauty product. At the end of the day that product goes onto our face so there shouldn’t be any bargain shopping involved in choosing the right skincare product. Yet when a product is good and that it’s cheap, I feel it’s quite important to make it known. We all have a budget, some might have a bigger one, some might have a smaller one, and it’s my job to inform you guys about whats out there and the different options you have when it comes to choosing the product that best suits your skin… and your bank account.

As for eye creams, this is actually the one I am currently using in the AM. It’s a good makeup base and I’ve noticed my under eye brightens after applying it. It’s not the most emollient product ever, in fact I don’t use it on my lips (this cream is for eyes & lips) as I don’t find it sufficiently moisturizing for that area, but yet again, I’m quite a tough cookie when it comes to lips and it’s rare that I find a lip balm that meets my expectations. I’m basically bound forever to the 8-hour cream, but that’s a different story. Enough digressing, back to the cheap eye cream for dark circles 😉

What is it?

It’s called “Youth Illuminator” and it’s by DERMASKIN in their “Repair” range. It’s French.
It is meant to brighten and smooth the under eye area and it does just that.

When yo use it:

I use it in the morning or before doing my makeup.
To apply before your facial cream. Always apply your eye products before your face products so that the eye products don’t suffer from the layering of different products and can go treat directly the eye area without having to go through the other products, its more efficient, otherwise you’re wasting your time and money.

For whom:

Anyone who wants to brighten the under eye area without spending a fortune.
Not moisturizing enough on its own if you’re over 35 or if you want to lift/get rid of wrinkles.



So that’s for my recommendation for a cheap eye cream for dark circles. I use it and I like it. No nasty ingredients. It does brighten the under eye area and it’s a good makeup base. What’s not to love.

Available at Parashop.

Have a lovely rest of your day!

With style,

x M

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