I put oil on my face and so should you

Facial Oil Benefits

No I’m not crazy! I love putting oil on my face and I highly recommend you do the same, whatever your skin type, even if your skin is oily. Actually, let me rephrase that, especially if you have an oily skin type.

Here’s why:

  • The molecular structure of vegetable oils ressembles the one of the skin sebum. So by giving the skin what it naturally produces, it ends up producing less. Less sebum, less oily face. Everyone is happy.
  • Vegetal oils are full of anti-oxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9) which boost the skin’s natural defense mechanism. They basically are superfood for your skin. We want that.
  • Vegetable oils are intense moisturizers. Which is quite the objective of all this skincare shabang.
  • They sooth the skin and are ideal for reactive skins or in cases of rashes and sunburns.
  • They replump the skin and give us a glow (a glow, not a shine).
  • All of the above equals to less wrinkles and more happiness.
  • They are cheap, compared to anti-aging facial creams
  • They are 100% natural.

How to choose your oil:

  • There’s a problem, not all oils are created equal, you can find here a post dedicated to the comedogenic ratings of all the oils you can find so it’s easy and safe for you to choose the right oil for your skin type.
  • Choose a vegetal oil that is 100% organic, first cold pressed, for optimum quality.
  • Yes a vegetable oil , hemp seed or argan are my favorite and they are NOT comedogenic, that are actually recommended for acne prone skin skins. Forget mineral oils (paraffin, petrolatum and co), they will clog your pores. When I say oil, I mean vegetable oil.

How / when to apply:

  • At night as the last step of your beauty routine. See, oily textures always have to be applied last because they coat the skin. Their molecular structure block additional products to penetrate the skin. What you’d apply on top of an oil would slide right off. Total waste of money.


Your skin and your wallet will thank you for it! Give it a go.

With style,

x M


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