Obsessed with: Gucci oversized square sunnies

Gucci oversized square sunglasses

Hello gorgeous people! I hope you’re well, this post is dedicated to the latest pair of sunnies I bought that I couldn’t wear today as one of the temples got mysteriously unscrewed from the frame. I was to wear them but boom, one part was missing. Divine.

FYI I just googled “how do you call the sticks on each side of glasses”, I learned a new word today, TEMPLE, yay.

Temple. One was left all alone in my bag, missing its other half. I wore those sunnies 3 times. I seriously got to stop to buy cheap sh*t, hence today’s obsession and I’m bringing the big guns with those delicious Gucci oversized square sunglasses. I bet those Italian screws are tied in tight 😉

I love the style, I love that they are oversized, the bigger the better, for sunglasses too.

Yes it’s an investment, but it’s Gucci, so it’s worth it. Plus the quality of the lenses must be so much better than my last infamous pair, I can’t bear squinting all the time so maybe those Gucci oversized square sunglasses will push further back that precious day I’ll finally give in to botox 😉 yes people, I’m still botox free. I know, I’m as surprised as you are… must be all the beauty products I use and review 😉

On this hopeful note, I let you to your shopping.

You can find the sunnies here.

Lots of love.

With style,

x M

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