Marilicious Approved: Novexpert “Hyaluronic Booster Serum”

NOVEXPERT serum review

Hi guys, following up the review of the NOVEXPERT Velvety Cream, here’s the review of their Hyaluronic Booster Serum. This serum is basically their must-have best seller product so given my love for the Velvety Cream, I had to try the serum.


What is the NOVEXPERT Hyaluronic Booster Serum?

It’s the first dermatological product which contains the highest hyaluronic acid concentration in the world: 1,6% of pure hyaluronic acid and 71,6% of hyaluronic acid gel. And the brand uses 100% natural ingredients, staying away for all the naughty allergenic comedogenic stuff such as mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, methylisothiazolinone, etc. Je like.

What it does:

Hyaluronic acid replumps and smoothes out the skin.

When to use it:

They say AM and/or PM but I would recommend only at night unless you have dry skin.

How to use it:

  • Underneath your night treatment / cream / oil
  • A couple drops is enough. If it’s sticky you are using too much product

For which skin type:

All ages, all skin types. This product is designed for dehydrated skins and dehydration is one of the major skin concerns of our time, it affects everyone, even oily skins! Don’t be fooled by sebum, hydrate 😉

Full ingredient list:

The cool thing is that on top of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) there is also probiotics (lactobacillus ferment) in this serum of which I discussed the benefits when I reviewed their Velvety Cream. In a nut shell it basically protects and reinforces the skin’s barrier and limits the growth of pathogenic bacterias causing blemishes.


49,90€ for 30ml. Good value for money compared to other seams available on the market. Serum is where you want to spend your money when it comes to skincare budgeting. Serum comes first.

Where to buy:

I hope you found this NOVEXPERT serum review useful, I definitely recommend this serum especially if you’re on the look out for a product to boost hydration and replump your skin. Perfect for tired skins on a budget!

With style,

x M

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