At the Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets basketball game!

Miami Heat vs Charlotte Hornets basketball game


Before starting getting to this post I would like to explain why I have been MIA for a week… my computer crashed!!! It happened last Thursday while I was editing the video for this post. I wanted to update my software and badaboom it crashed, after endless hours with Apple Care on the phone and a little trip to the Apple Store (where they were absolutely phenomenal!! Thank you!), computer is back on, yeah 😉 it’s basically like I have a brand new computer so I’m glad, but boy was it a journey and I have basically been a nerd behind my computer reinstalling the essentials since Monday. So now we’re back here, almost a week later so I better get started.

Last Wednesday evening, on #WomansDay I got the best surprise of all, I assisted with a girlfriend to my first ever basketball game. It was the Miami Heat vs the Charlotte Hornets at the American Airlines Arena in Miami and the Miami Heat won!!! I must be a good luck charm of some sorts.

I absolutely loved it. Although in all fairness I am not a sports girl, I don’t enjoy watching a game on TV but I love going to one (been to a couple of soccer games back in France), the energy is pretty awesome and I really get into it! I know, I’m surprising myself.

Here’s a little video to share this experience with you, hope you’ll enjoy!

Thanks for watching.

With style,

x M


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