Marilicious Approved: Novexpert “Velvety Hydro-biotic Fluid”

NOVEXPERT Velvety Cream

I have discovered the brand NOVEXPERT last summer at Parashop in Nice, France, while endlessly looking for that perfect cream at the right price. They were promoting NOVEXPERT as it was a new brand for them and at first sight I loved 2 things: the ingredients and the prices. Bingo. I have been using their products since then, especially the “Velvety Hydro-biotic Fluid”, as my day cream and I am so happy with it.

What is Novexpert “Velvety Hydro-biotic Fluid”  / “Fluide Douceur Hydrobiotique”?

The NOVEXPERT “Velvety Hydro-biotic Fluid” is part of the “Magnesium” range (they have 6 ranges: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Pro-Collagen, Pro-Melanin, Omegas and Magnesium) and it comes in 2 textures: fluid (combination skins) and cream (dry skins). I am using the fluid one.

What it does is that it hydrates your skin and restaures the hydro-lipidic barrier of your skin (which is fondamental for maintaining a healthy blemish-free skin).

Very good makeup base.


What I’ve discovered is that my skin loves is the probiotic part and I think that it is what made a real significant difference in improving my skin and clearing it of imperfections. My skin is highly sensitive and acne and allergy prone, and what the probiotics do is that they take care of the flora of the skin, limiting pathogenic bacterias. Bacterias are one of the main causes of blemishes, hence the importance of keeping your skin at an acidic PH by acid toning (explanation here) and avoiding products containing alkaline ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate (more details here). Probiotics are healthy bacterias that are acidic and when applied to the skin they can treat, reduce and prevent blemishes, reduce inflammation (FYI acne is basically an inflammatory disease…) and sooth a reactive skin as they restaure the skin’s natural barrier (damaged with pollution, sun, AC etc…).

For which skin type:

Oily and combination skins or when you live some place with a humid weather.

Use the cream version if your skin is normal to dry and/or if you live a a dry place.

When to use it:


I use it in the morning only but since it doesn’t contain SPF, it’s also a go as a night cream 😉

How to use it:

  • On a clean skin, on its own if you are not 30 yet
  • On a clean skin, on top of a serum if you are over 30 (their hyaluronic serum is the bomb, review here)

Full ingredient list:

100% of the ingredients are from natural origin is. No nasty chemicals.


21.95€ for 30ml which is really good value for money, I just wished they made a bigger container, 30ml is really small, I get through these like candies.

Where to buy:

  • In France: PARASHOP
  • Online: on their website here

NOVEXPERT is an anti-ageing brand that is 100% hypoallergenic and free of all the ingredients I don’t like / allergic to. Kudos to you 🙂

I hope this review was helpful, this NOVEXPERT Velvety Cream is ideal for reactive skins on a budget! Have a good week lovies.

With style,

x M

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