Obsessed with : Karl Lagerfeld’s espadrilles

Karl Lagerfeld Espadrilles


Hello delicious people, my obsession of the day is that pair of canvas espadrilles by Karl Lagerfeld (more pictures here).

Nothing to do with the fact that I’m from the South of France, of maybe it does 😉 but I have been wearing espadrilles all summer long, plus during the holidays as I spent 3 weeks in South Africa, and now I’m spending some time in Florida, so yeah, poor me going from one hot weather land to another, hence my obsession with espadrilles. They are comfy and trendy, what’s not to love. Plus let’s be honest, who doesn’t dream to have Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette at their feet? Right, I thought so, just for the fact of having God Karl and his beloved muse on your footsies is worth every penny. Plus they are surprisingly not that expensive… You can find them here.

So for a casual day when you want to wear flats but stay fabulous, here’s my pick!

Have a fabulous rest of whatever you’re doing and thanks for checking on Marilicious, so happy to be back online.

With style,

x M

Karl Lagerfeld Espadrilles

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