Pimple creams tried & reviewed: the ones I recommend

Pimple cream that works!


I have been making getting rid of acne and breakouts my quest. And I happily succeeded 🙂 Yet it took a lot of trials and errors that you might want to avoid so here are the best pimple creams that are worth using. To be applied at night.

Looking for a pimple cream that works? Here are the best ones, enjoy! (They are listed in the order I have tried them)


  • This is one of the most talked about pimple creams and it works great, but it is not the best one I have tried…
  • Still it does reduce inflammation quite well
  • It didn’t stop me from breaking out but I felt my breakouts (suffered mostly from cystic acne) were smaller when waking up than the night before (applied in at night). What I feel is that it blocks the pimple from becoming huge (reduces inflammation) yet doesn’t prevent it from coming in the first place.
  • On the plus side it doesn’t irritate the skin and it didn’t provoke any dryness
  • Great if you suffer from mild acne / want to get rid of the odd pimples you have from time to time



  • Ok by now you know my love for the Estée Lauder’s serums, yet I was skeptical about that one… Was scared that the concentration of salicylic acid (one of the main ingredients needed to get rid of acne) would be too low to be efficient yet I was intrigued, and trustful of Estée Lauder’s expertise.
  • And I saw a clear difference. Pun intended. My skin got definitely smoother, my pores smaller and my breakouts less inflamed. Saw results in only a couple of days. I was blown away. Didn’t totally get rid of me breaking out but it really gave results. Very pleased. Thank you Lauder.
  • Doesn’t dry out your skin yet prevents shine.
  • Quite clever to have a pimple serum version as serums are designed to go deeper into the skin.
  • I have been using it am & pm over ANR for over 7 months now. It is expensive yet you only use a tiny pump each time. As you can see in the picture, I am half way through my second 30 ml bottle, so roughly you use 6.5 ml a month if you use the serum twice daily (around $11/ 14€ per month with a 1.7 oz / 50 ml bottle) or 3.25 ml if you apply it only once (approx. $5.5 / 7€ per month with a 1.7 oz / 50 ml bottle) which is not even a bottle a year.
  • I recommend it.



  • Using this one instead of Effaclar Duo+ and I much prefer it. It is actually aimed at skins that are a bit more mature. Uhm uhm…
  • I find it more efficient than Effaclar Duo+ in preventing breakouts to arise.
  • Definitely a must have.



  • This one is aimed at targeting existing pimples and to be used locally only.
  • I was excited about it and thought it would be life saving… But it isn’t. Disappointed.


Last pimple cream that works:


  • Big disclaimer on that one: it was prescribed to me by my dermatologist and I highly recommend you consult your physician before using it (I think a prescription is needed anyway so make sure you ask about it next time you see your dermatologist!)
  • To be used only twice a week at night (I have been using it for 3 months now and only feel the need of using it once a week now)
  • I dries the hell out of your skin but it works wonders
  • It seriously clears the skin deep and blocks everything from arising, genius.
  • I always apply an oil afterwards and actually apply it straight up after cleansing. It’s the only time when I don’t acid tone. Would be way too strong.
  • The main ingredient here is not salicylic acid but benzoyl peroxide (antiseptic and bleaching properties. It has a bactericidal effect on the propionibacterium acnesbacteria associated with acne without inducing antibiotic resistance which is often the case with this die hard bacteria).
  • Worth checking out before taking drastic measures such as Roaccutane. By the way I also have tried antibiotics… didn’t work.
  • NOT to abuse though, after some months of using this product I have developed an allergy to it and now it gives me a rash. My skin is extremely sensitive to begin with  but please do check with your dermatologist.



Hope you’ve found this post useful! I know how painful and depressing it is not to have a clear skin but it can be healed!

Never forget how beautiful you are, you are much more loved, delicious and beautiful than you think.

#AskMarilicious for further help and a pimple cream that works:)

With style,

x M

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