With Radio Monaco at the Monaco GP 2015

Radio Monaco GP 2015


Hello hello 🙂

I shared with you already some pics about being in Cannes for the Film Festival and now it’s time for the Monaco GP!

I was there with Radio Monaco for the entire 4-day weekend where I co-hosted the radio special for the event and it was such a great experience. I love racing and cars and the energy in Monaco at that time of year is spectacular! Plus I got to meet all the drivers who came for one-on-one interviews 🙂

On air I mostly talked about the celebrities that were in Monaco for the GP, the drivers that have achieved full-on star status, luxury cars, fun facts about drivers…

Here are some pics:

With Margot & Jacques Laffite

The Radio Monaco on-air team! With Fabrice Brouwers and Jean-Christophe Dimino

F1 driver Nico Rosberg, 3rd time winner of the Monaco race!

The crowd outside the studio


The Radio Monaco team & studio 🙂

With style,

x M

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