Hello darlings, today let’s go over a particular dress code: what the heck do we wear for a luncheon???

It’s more formal than a brunch but less formal than a business lunch. So? Any ideas?

Usually a luncheon is a “Ladies Luncheon”. It’s elegant, appropriate, tasteful. Yet we always can thrown in a spicy hint of style.

I am taking the example of the “brunch” I attended for the Princess Grace Gala event at the Monte-Carlo Beach. I say “brunch” into brackets because it was no usual Sunday brunch … it was so exclusive! Which explains the luncheon dress code…

In this case I propose the following looks:

- Lounge (& simple) dresses with lots of accessories

- Umbrella or A-line skirts with a shirt

FYI, forget jeans, leggings, mini skirts & short dresses!

The “Fifties” trend is extremely welcomed to be dressed to the best at a luncheon ;)

Bon appétit!

With style,

x M

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